Companion Dog Show Classes....
Companion Dog Show Classes
Pedigree Classes………. Class 1 Any Variety: Sporting Puppy (6–12 months). Class 2 Any Variety: Special Yearling (12–24 months). Class 3 Any Variety: Sporting Dogs. Class 4 Any Variety: Non-Sporting Dogs. Class 5 Any Variety: Open. Class 6 Any Variety: Veteran. Class 7 Companion Dog Club Class Only open to dogs that are members of the Kennel Club Companion Dog Club. (Membership numbers will be taken) Visitors may join at the show. Class 8 Young Handler Age 6 to 16 years. Judge: Maggie Docherty
Novelty Classes…………. Class 9 Best Cross Breed. Class 10 Golden Oldie (over 7years) Class 11 Irish Brace. Class 12 Best Local Dog (within 3 miles radius). Class 13 Most Handsome Dog. Class 14 Prettiest Bitch. Class 15 Waggiest Tail. Class 16 Most Appealing Eyes.
Sunday 9th July 2017